Director of Technical Communication

I direct the technical communication program at The University of Oklahoma. The program is particularly focused on user-centered design; that is, teaching STEM students about creating customized documents for specific users not by guessing about what audiences like, want, and need (commonly known as a best practices or universal principals approach) but rather by formally studying, interviewing, and observing the ways audiences actually use a document or communique. Standards change across audience and purpose, good writers prepare for that change. Further, this course focuses on the rapid democratization of expertise that is occurring in the 21st Century. From medical patients who have a particular feeling of what treatment they need from reading WebMD, to neighborhood residents who disagree with an architect at a city planning townhall--more and more technical communicators must learn to write with rather than for audiences, who want to participate in the creation of texts and designs.

Recent Courses

University of Oklahoma
  • English 3143, Memory Studies
  • English 6013, Contemporary Rhetorical Analysis
  • English 6013, Material Rhetorics
  • English 4853, Writing Track Capstone
  • English 5443, Technology Studies in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy
  • English 5133, Teaching Technical Writing
  • English 6103, Research Methods in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy
  • English 3143, Marketing the English Major
  • English 3163, Analyzing Youtube Celebrity
  • English 3183, Digital Media Design
  • English 3153, Technical Writing
  • English 1113, Introduction to College Writing
Ohio State University
  • English 3304, Business Writing
  • English 2269, Digital Media Composing
  • TA Material Science and Engineering 581.04
  • TA English 277, Introduction to Rhetorical Analysis
Pennsylvania State University
  • English 202 B, Writing in the Humanities
  • LEAP 18, Philosophy, Art, and Film
  • English 015, Rhetoric and Composition